Tray Material, Autopolymer

Sculptable, non-stick acrylic resin for the fabrication of individual functional and impression trays as well as registration and base plates.

Xtray is very uncomplicated to use. The easy-to-process material is very rigid and dimensionally stable, is easy to grind and does not smear when being finished.


  • Fabrication of individual impression trays
  • Fabrication of individual base plates

Product features

  • easy to use
  • very short swelling phase
  • stick-free plastic phase
  • high torsional stiffness, dimensionally stable
  • fast finishing

Mixing ratio:
20g of powder with 4,5g of liquid

Processing times:
Mixing time: approx. 15 sec
Swelling phase: approx. 45 sec
Plastic phase: approx. 4 min

Polymerization takes place automatically at room temperature after approx. 7-8 min.

The material is available in white-opaque, blue-opaque, yellow-opaque and pink-opaque.

Delivery forms:

Powder: 1000g
Liquid: 500ml

Medical Device. Classification according to Regulation (EU) 2017/745 Annex VIII Class I for dental auxiliary means with short-term intraoral use.