The company AcrylX®

History in the making

On 14.08.2013 the AcrylX® GmbH was founded in Rodheim vor der Höhe near Frankfurt am Main in Germany as a trading company for dental, orthopedic and cosmetic acrylic-based resins. The intention was to be able to offer acrylic materials for different markets. Apart from acrylic resins for the dental industry, materials for fingernail design, hearing aid production, material testing and also veterinary medicine were planned.

Certification and commencement of business activity
At the beginning of 2014, the successful auditing of the QM system established conformity with ISO 13485:2013 and the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. With the granting of the certificates by the Notified Body, the business activity could be extended to medical devices.

Specialization in the dental sector
It soon became clear that due to the rapid increase in business activity in the dental and orthodontic sector, specialization in exclusively these business areas was necessary. Since then, the company has developed and marketed materials exclusively for restorative dentistry, dental technology and orthodontics.

Development of the first refill material for CAD/CAM milling blanks.
As CAD/CAM milling systems began to penetrate the market and a flood of milling blanks became available, some laboratories began to consider the issue of disposal. They tried to refill the PMMA blanks themselves, but this is not possible with the conventional autopolymers. In 2016, we succeeded in developing an autopolymer with which all PMMA blanks can be refilled absolutely bubble-free and crystal clear.

Expansion of business activity and relocation to own premises.
Due to an increase in sales staff towards the end of 2016 and the resulting sharp rise in sales, the spatial capacities at the founding location were quickly exhausted. Therefore, the move to the current company headquarters in Industriestraße 7 in Rodheim with its own offices as well as production and storage rooms followed in February 2017.

New development of the pattern eXpress®
In cooperation with a large dental laboratory based in Hanau (Germany), it was possible to fundamentally revise and perfect the famous red laboratory classic. In particular, the tooth-colored version for model stumps is currently unique worldwide.

First trade fair presentation at the IDS in Cologne.
At the IDS 2017 in Cologne, the company presented itself to international trade visitors for the first time. At the world's largest and most important dental fair, it was time to promote the name AcrylX® and introduce the innovative products to the general public.

Objective for the future
The focus is on the continuous development of existing products as well as specialization in future dental technologies.

Your AcrylX® Team