Xthetic® prime

Hightech denture base resin with low residual monomer content

Castable high-tech PMMA resin for the most precise fabrication of removable or fixed dentures using the pouring technique.

This high-quality denture resin for complete and partial dentures can be processed with a considerably reduced amount of monomer compared to commercially available autopolymers and is therefore characterized by a high fitting accuracy due to minimal shrinkage, an extremely homogeneous surface and a very low residual monomer content.


  • Completion of framework dentures
  • Fabrication of full dentures using the pouring technique
  • Partial or total relinings (indirect method)
  • Additions and repairs

Product features

  • very good flowability, despite reduced monomer content
  • therefore optimal mucosa compatibility, due to less residual monomer
  • minimal shrinkage, therefore very high fitting accuracy
  • homogeneous surface, very low plaque susceptibility
  • easy finishing and polishing
  • also perfectly suitable for implant work
  • physiological shades and absolute color stability
  • Cadmium free
  • evaluated and certified biocompatibility

Mixing ratio:
10g of powder with 4-5g of liquid

Processing times:
Swelling phase: approx. 30 sec
Pouring phase: approx. 3 min
Plastic phase: approx. 3 min

The polymerization is carried out under a pressure of 2-3 bar and a water temperature of 45-50°C for about 15 minutes.

The material is available in colorless/clear, pink, pink V (veined), pink TL (translucent), pink TLV (translucent veined), pink opaque, V5, pink C33 and pink C34.

Delivery forms:
Powder: 100g, 1.000g, 5.000g, 10kg

Liquid: 80ml, 500ml, 5.000ml
additional sizes upon request

Medical Device. Classification according to ISO 20795-1, Type 2 group 1 and according to MDD 93/42/EEC Annex IX, Class IIa for removable and for fixed dentures.

mechanical properties acc. to ISO 20795-1 Requirements Xthetic® prime
Ultimate flexural strength in MPa min. 60 75
Flexural modulus in MPa min. 1500 2550
Maximum stress intensity factor in MPa not required -
Total fracture work in J/m² not required -
additional properties acc. to ISO 20795-1 Requirements Xthetic® prime
Water absorption in μg/mm³ max. 32 23
Solubility in μg/mm³ max. 8,0 2,2
Residual monomer in % max. 4,5 1,9
other requirements Xthetic® prime
ISO 20795-1 Requirements concerning the packing plasticity not required
ISO 20795-1 Requirements concerning the surface characteristics and the shape capability fulfilled
ISO 20795-1 Requirements concerning the color and the color stability fulfilled
ISO 20795-1 Requirements concerning the translucency and the freedom from porosity fulfilled
ISO 20795-1 Requirements concerning the bonding to synthetic polymer teeth fulfilled
ISO 10993 Requirements concerning the biocompatibility fulfilled