ThreeDee® Cast

3D printing material for casting objects

Light-curing resin for additive manufacturing of dental casting objects. Especially in the model casting technique. Burns 100% residue-free.


  • 3D printing of casting objects in the model casting technique
  • 3D printing of dental demonstration models

Product features

  • accurate casting results
  • optimized for high detail reproduction
  • also suitable for press ceramics
  • burns without residue

385 / 405 nm

The material is available in orange-transparent.

Delivery forms:
Liquid: 1000g
additional sizes upon request

The Material is NOT a Medical Device according to Regulation 2017/745/EU [MDR].

We recommend the use of 3D printers for which the material parameters have already been programmed by the respective manufacturer. The material was validated in advance for the following devices:

  • rapidshape D30
  • rapidshape D30 II
  • Asiga
  • Microlay Eve
  • Microlay Versus