Display Acryl "Dentine"

Display model resin, Autopolymer

Acrylic resin for the fabrication of artificial teeth for dental demonstration and training models. The fabricated teeth can be customized with all common individualization shades.


  • Artificial teeth for dental demonstration models
  • Crowns and bridges for dental demonstration models
  • Embeddings for demonstration purposes

Product features

  • discoloration-stable
  • physiological shades
  • natural fluorescence
  • easy processing
  • easy polishing

Delivery forms:
Powder: 1.000g
Liquid: 500ml
additional sizes upon request

The material is available in light (A2) and dark (A4).

This material is NOT a medical device in the sense of Regulation 2017/745/EU [MDR] and can NOT be used for prosthetic purposes!